Much Ado About Nothing in Lynn Woods


This summer I’m playing Hero in a strolling production of Shakespeare’s classic comedy of love and misunderstanding:

Much Ado About Nothing 
Directed by Hondo Weiss-Richmond
Associate Artistic Direction by Thomas Adams Martin
Original Music by Gina Naggar

July 27-August 11, 2013
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Love – it brings out our best, and our worst: Beatrice has sworn off men. Benedick has sworn off women. They’re made for each other – they just don’t know it yet. Young Claudio wants to marry Hero, but the scheming Don John has a plan to ruin everything.

The audience follows the action through picturesque Lynn Woods for the wit, mischief and merriment of Much Ado About Nothing, where lovers and villains must all take cover when “little Cupid’s crafty arrow” flies.