Reviews of You For Me For You

Anna Waldron and Jordan Clark in “You For Me For You” at Company One


It’s in the this land that Junhee meets the thousand strange personages of the brilliant actress, Anna Waldron, disparate New Yorkers who all speak an ingenious version of what English must sound like to one who only knows it only from language classes. Waldron proves herself to be as talented a physical actor as she is nimble of tongue. She can transform her carriage within seconds  and she has a hilarious way of pulling a face, turning it up a notch, turning it up another notch, and then turning up to the notch you were sure couldn’t exist above that, without tearing the scene.

-Jason Rabin, the Ahts Blog

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Meeting an American named Tiffany, wonderfully played by Anna Waldron, Junhee can only hear smooth gibberish – her understanding of English. As Junhee acculturates and her English proficiency improves, Tiffany’s words begin to make sense both to Junhee and to the audience.

-Yvonne Ng,

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…encounters that Junhee has with a government functionary, an ESL teacher, an employer, and a sales clerk (all of them played by versatile and very funny Anna Waldron)

-Nancy Grossman,

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